How does water become “hard”? Water that contains excessive levels of calcium or magnesium is known as hard water. The minerals are usually absorbed from the ground. The presence of hard water in your area probably affects your level of cleanliness and your appliances, even if you are not aware of it. Hard water is a common problem in the Indianola, Iowa area, and the surrounding region, which is why Indianola Mechanical is dedicated to offering you affordable solutions.

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Hard water isn’t dangerous, just inconvenient. You feel drier after taking a bath when using hard water. Your hair looks dull. Clothes look faded, and no matter what kind of detergent you use, your white laundry never gets bright white.

The calcium and magnesium deposits on your dishes also prevent the soap from effectively cleaning them. Additionally, these deposits accumulate in your home’s appliances, leading to breakdowns and premature replacements.

Installing a water softener provides solutions to many little problems, which come down to one factor: hard water. If your dishes and clothes aren’t getting clean and appliances are constantly breaking, call Indianola Mechanical to find out how a water softener can fix these problems. Soft water is better for you and your budget!