Garbage disposals are great for easily getting rid of food waste in your home. The blades of a garbage disposal chop up the food you put down the drain into small enough pieces to wash out the main drainage line of your home. But sometimes things that shouldn’t go down the garbage disposal cause big problems. Grease, cooking oil, heavy starches like potatoes, fruit pits, coffee grounds, bones, and pieces of metal or plastic can clog or damage your garbage disposal system.

The plumbing team at Indianola Mechanical can maintain, install, or repair your garbage disposal, even on holidays when most garbage disposals get a workout.

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Whether your kitchen sink needs a new, more efficient garbage disposal, or you are installing a garbage disposal into your kitchen for the first time, we can help. We offer comprehensive garbage disposal services in Indianola and the surrounding areas, offering everything from new disposal installation to complete repairs and replacements. Our trucks are fully stocked to repair on the spot, no matter the make or model.