Clean Air Effects

Air filtration traps dust, pollen, and bacteria that your HVAC system blows through to heat and cool your home. But what about the air that comes through open windows and doors, and the pollutants that you and your family bring in every day? Air and pollutants enter your home from a variety of sources. Your family and you should be protected from these health hazards.

Indianola Mechanical has a solution for this air quality problem. Our electronic air cleaners are top of the line and eliminate over 99% of pollutants from the air they treat. With regular maintenance of your HVAC system and cleaning your filters, these electronic air cleaners can help keep your air clean and your family healthy.

How Electronic Air Cleaners Work

Electric air cleaners work by pulling air through them and charging particles in the air with electricity. By creating static electricity, the cleaner helps trap even the tiniest of particles before recirculating clean air throughout the house. This method allows the unit to operate efficiently and consumes very little electricity. You can save on your electric bill as you maintain a clean atmosphere in your house.

Indianola Mechanical can install these cleaners throughout your home, keeping air flowing through the unit and protecting you from allergens, mold, and bacteria. We at Indianola Mechanical will work with you to select the right unit for your home and install it where it will be most effective.

Benefits of Electronic Air Cleaners

You track dust and bacteria into your home every day. It doesn’t matter whether these allergens are attached to your children or pets, or float in from open doors and windows, even the cleanest homes are susceptible. You may even push harmful particles into the air when you clean your home.

99.98% of harmful particles are removed from the air in your home by an air cleaner. The best products, installed by experienced technicians, will help protect your health from the elements. The Indianola Mechanical experience rests on our reputation for honesty, integrity, and excellence. Call today to set up an HVAC service or repair appointment, and let us take care of the air you breathe every day.

Let’s Discuss Your Electronic Air Cleaner Install

When you’re ready for an electronic air cleaner, Indianola Mechanical is here. We attach your new air cleaner to your furnace and ductwork. Our custom installation ensures you get the most out of your equipment. We work quickly and efficiently to get you breathing easily with customer service you’ll love.