Stay Cool with Fast Installation of a New Air Conditioning Unit

Installing your AC system correctly is crucial when it comes to extending its life span, increasing its energy efficiency, and improving its cooling capacity. How long your AC will last is directly related to how well it is installed. An air conditioner should only be installed or replaced by a professional with extensive training and expertise.

Here at Indianola Mechanical, our technicians are extensively trained to provide professional air conditioning installation in Indianola, Norwalk, and surrounding areas. Our team is qualified to install all makes and models of cooling equipment.

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What You Get With An Air Conditioner Installed By Indianola Mechanical

The comfort of our customers is our top priority. Whether you need an air conditioner installed or replaced, we will find the best solution to meet your specific needs. We can help you with either traditional central air conditioning or zoned air conditioning.

At Indianola Mechanical, we go above and beyond for our customers by offering:

  • Quick, efficient AC installation
  • Extended warranties
  • 100% customer satisfaction, guaranteed
  • Investment and performance guarantees
  • Available financing options

Whether you’re installing a new system or replacing an existing one, our technicians will make sure that it will perform efficiently for years to come. Once the installation is complete, we offer maintenance and repairs to keep your cooling system operating.

With our Maintenance Plus Plain, maintaining your air conditioner has never been easier – call us at 515-961-7924.


A broken air conditioner will let you know loud and clear when it is time to replace it. The following are some signs homeowners can watch for that indicate that they need replacement services:

  • Insufficient cooling
  • Poor airflow and ventilation
  • Moisture buildup around the unit
  • Strange noises coming from your system
  • Foul odors emanating from the unit
  • Unusually high energy expenses

If you’ve experienced the warning signs of needed replacement, contact our professional customer service team to schedule central Iowa’s preferred AC replacement services today!