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Welcome to Indianola Mechanical, your trusted partner for comprehensive Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling services in Warren County, IA. At Indianola Mechanical, we take pride in our commitment to providing top-notch solutions for all your HVAC needs. With a team of skilled professionals and a dedication to exceptional customer service, we strive to ensure your home or business remains comfortable and efficient year-round. From plumbing repairs to heating system installations and air conditioning maintenance, our expert technicians are ready to deliver reliable and tailored solutions that meet the unique requirements of Warren County residents. Experience the difference with Indianola Mechanical – where quality and comfort converge. See what customers are saying about us on our Google Reviews.

If you need plumbing services, including boiler or furnace repair or replacement, our local professionals are here to help.

We offer installation of home humidifiers, smart thermostats, an more to keep you warm in the winter months!

If your current air conditioner isn’t up to the job, our you need a new system, our local professionals can help.

Local HAVC Company in Warren County.

Situated at the heart of Warren County, our HVAC company proudly embraces its roots in this diverse and dynamic community. With a profound understanding of the unique HVAC requirements that define Warren County, we are unwaveringly dedicated to delivering customized solutions that seamlessly align with the area’s climate. Our commitment goes beyond functionality, prioritizing energy-efficient options to ensure consistent comfort throughout the changing seasons. Whether it’s optimizing cooling efficiency amidst the warmth of Iowa summers or maintaining cozy warmth during the winter chill, our adept team is well-versed in the nuanced demands of Warren County. Consider us your trusted HVAC partner in Warren County, Iowa, where our services are meticulously crafted to cater to the specific needs of this thriving and diverse

Plumber's Hand Repairing Sink Pipe Leakage With Adjustable Wrench

Indianola Mechanical Can Help

Nestled within the vibrant community of Warren County, our HVAC company takes immense pride in its local roots. We deeply understand the distinct HVAC requirements that characterize Warren County and are steadfastly committed to providing tailored solutions that seamlessly adapt to the region’s climate. Beyond mere functionality, our dedication extends to prioritizing energy-efficient options, ensuring unwavering comfort across the ever-changing seasons. Whether it’s enhancing cooling efficiency amidst the warmth of Iowa summers or maintaining a cozy warmth during the winter chill, our skilled team is adept at addressing the nuanced demands of Warren County. Trust us as your reliable HVAC partner in Warren County, Iowa, where our services are thoughtfully designed to meet the specific needs of this flourishing and diverse community.

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  • Heater repair, installation, and service
  • Indoor air quality services
  • Plumbing services

Why Choose Indianola Mechanical?

You may dread the day you have to reach out to us, but we love hearing from you! Why? Because we’re passionate about solving problems and restoring peace, order, and comfort to your home. We use the latest tools and techniques but our approach to business is old fashioned all the way. That means prompt, efficient service with a smile and a commitment to doing the job right, down to the smallest details. And, of course, transparent upfront pricing so you know what to expect at every step. No gimmicks, no gruffness, and no “gotcha” charges on the final bill.

Teamwork That Makes The Dream Work

Great service never happens through gritted teeth. It flows effortlessly from happy, supported teams who have the skills to handle whatever comes and who love working together. You’ll feel the difference from the very first moment you reach out to us. Our customer service reps ask the right questions to assess the situation so we can send the best people for the job and get it done as quickly and painlessly as possible.

A Great Reputation

If you check out our reviews, you’ll notice that many of our customers mention our staff by name. That’s because we provide a personal experience and bring our authentic selves to the job, being respectful and courteous, answering all of your questions, and even making friends with the family pet. We’re also in the habit of reaching out after a service call to make sure everything is going well and to welcome any input on how we could do even better. Speaking of which, here is some feedback that put a huge smile on our faces:


I always prefer to keep services local and thankfully we have a great company right here in Indianola to call. Had them install a water line for our new fridge. The technician was on time and did a fantastic job keeping us informed on what he was doing. About 5 months later Indianola Mechanical was back at our house fixing plumbing in our shower. I knew I would get excellent service at a great price!


The team really knows what they are doing. The most professional team in the Greater Des Moines area. Answered every question I had and really produced some quality work. Thanks again guys!


We had a super awesome fantastic experience with Indianola Mechanical ! From calling to make the appointment with a super sweet and helpful young lady; to having Ben come out to our home – he was so kind and knowledgeable. I KNOW I will call Indianola Mechanical when we ever need any plumbing of HVAC work again! Thank you SO much for everything.