Sump pumps protect your property, especially your basement, from flooding. But your sump pump probably isn’t something you think about until days of rain or a disaster strike. If your sump pump is acting up or you need a new installation, contact Indianola Mechanical. Our team is familiar with the variety of reasons why a sump pump might stop working in the Indianola region. We’re equipped to deliver timely, professional solutions to restore your sump pump – and save your home from costly water damage.

Need sump pump service in the Indianola, Norwalk, Carlisle, or Pleasant Hill areas? Contact Indianola Mechanical today by calling 515-961-7924.

It doesn’t take much water to do a lot of damage. Don’t delay in calling for service at the first sign of a problem. Our expert sump pump repair team repairs all kinds of sump pump problems including burnout, clogs, poor connections, and clogged or frozen discharge lines. If your sump pump cannot be repaired, you need an honest team you can trust. At Indianola Mechanical, our team can help you choose a new sump pump that meets your home’s needs and budget. Rest assured that your home is safe and protected with reliable service and the installation of your new sump pump unit.