Your bathroom should be stress-relieving—not stress-inducing. Our one-day shower and bath remodeling services can transform your existing bathroom into one that perfectly complements your taste and lifestyle.

When is it time for a bath remodel?

If your bathroom equipment feels dysfunctional, impractical, or unfashionable, it may be time for a remodel!

Over time, equipment becomes outdated and run-down. You may start noticing grout stains, chipped tiles, and other cosmetic malfunctions. Fixtures start leaking, which leads to higher utility costs and mold problems. These issues may be temporarily relieved without the help of a third party. But when you grow tired of constantly scrubbing shower mildew or drying your bathroom floor after using a leaky tub, a remodel is the best remedy.

How does a bath remodel add value to my home?

Bathrooms are a common deal-maker or deal-breaker when purchasing a home. At the very least, buyers expect their prospective homes to have clean, functional equipment.

Mold stains and leaky faucets are hard sells in the housing market. Even if your equipment is up to standard, a bathroom that needs to be updated may turn potential buyers away during a walk-through.

Professional Shower and Bath Remodeling Services

What is the bath remodel process?

Bathtub and shower installation may sound like a hassle, but our expert team makes the remodeling process as pain-free as possible. We complete our shower and bath remodeling services with your convenience in mind.


Client satisfaction depends on transparent communication. Our consultation process helps us understand your project priorities. This step ensures that your finished bathroom meets your every expectation. Our friendly team will chat with you about our process. After that, you’ll get to choose fixtures from our extensive catalog!


Once you choose your design elements, our team gets straight to work. We start by ordering your desired tub or shower. Then, we take the necessary steps to ensure your bathroom is ready for installation day.


After your materials arrive, it’s time for us to get to work. The professionals at Indianola Mechanical will complete the installation in as little as one day. You’ll be able to use your updated equipment by the end of the installation day!

What are the benefits of our bath remodel services?

We offer a wide selection of models made from long-lasting, easy-to-clean materials. Our team will have your bathroom looking new in no time at all.

Product Variety.

We have bathroom solutions to suit all lifestyles and personal aesthetics. Enjoy a deep soaker or a Whirlpool tub for spa time in the privacy of your own home. Or, simply have a quick shower using new, modern equipment. Our line includes ADA-compliant walk-in tubs and roll-in showers customizable to any mobility level. Non-slip surfaces, grab bars, and other safety features can prevent falls and help you keep your independence.

Easy Maintenance.

Our tubs and shower walls are easy to clean and durable. They’re made from mildew-resistant acrylic and reinforced with fiberglass and structural foam. If something happens to your tub, the necessary repairs tend to be quick and easy fixes.


We offer same-day installation for new equipment, including bathtubs, shower walls, pans, and doors. We’ll remove the old features and leave your bathroom clean and ready to use at the end of the installation day.

Our equipment has a lifetime warranty, and we offer 0% financing for 36 months. Call our team of installation professionals at 515-961-7924 for a free estimate!