There are several reasons why high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners are worth the investment. The cost of an energy-efficient HVAC system may initially be higher, but you will experience considerable utility bill savings and enhanced comfort in your home.

Maintaining your home’s temperature is a year-round chore, whether it’s preventing cold air from entering or turning down the heat. In the winter and summer months, furnaces and air conditioners can run 24/7, making this chore especially frustrating. Here at Indianola Mechanical, we install high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners to put an end to an inefficient system and high heating and cooling costs.

The following are the four major benefits homeowners can expect from a high-efficiency furnace or AC:

Lower Heating & Cooling Bills

A common problem for homeowners during the winter is an old furnace’s pilot light, which is always lit. By utilizing special burners that only activate when required, this problem is eliminated. As a result, you will waste less fuel while away from the home and spend less on heating. A new energy-efficient furnace or AC can be an investment upfront, but it will likely save you money in the long run. Approximately 50% of your energy bill is dedicated to heating and cooling. Often, those costs are reduced by up to 1/3 in the first month!

Better Airflow Control

In contrast to older furnaces that didn’t deliver a dedicated oxygen flow and used whatever air was available, high-efficiency furnaces generate air currents and maintain control over the quality of the air they supply. As a result, the air temperature is monitored carefully, so owners don’t have to worry about contaminates affecting air quality or hot air escaping the house. Older AC units rely on on-off cycling, often injecting extremely cold bursts of air when they begin to run. A high-efficiency AC is outfitted with a variable speed adjuster to regulate temperature through continuous air circulation. The result is more consistent temperatures and lower maintenance costs. 

Greater Home Safety

The constant burning of pilot lights in older furnaces causes more than 50,000 house fires every year due to faulty home heating equipment. Because a high-efficiency furnace will only activate and generate heat when needed, homeowners can rest easy knowing their furnace is only operational when they need it, reducing the risk of malfunction and ultimately reducing the need for furnace repair. A high-efficiency furnace and AC are also designed to improve air filtration, capturing pollutants before they can enter your home, making your air cleaner and safer to breathe.

Smaller Environmental Impact

While they make up a small part of an average home’s operations, older furnaces are notorious for their environmental impact. This is due to the chemicals in the heating process, as well as the greenhouse gasses produced by their operation.

The shorter running times of high-efficiency heaters, combined with their secure airflow systems, contribute to a healthier indoor environment.

High-efficiency furnaces and ACs are just the latest innovation in home heating technologies here at Indianola Mechanical, and our team is constantly looking for new ways to bring our clients lower heating and cooling bills and greater peace of mind. Give our team of proven mechanics a call today at 515-961-7924.